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Posts: 12
I did multiple installs of Blox and for the life of me had multiple issues related to network. I came to these forums and saw many posts about these two separate issues but the one answer in the GUI was never very clear. The one about copying the ethernet config I found on a post here somewhere. This may help someone get through those same issues.

First install the ISO and ONLY the ISO

After installing ISO, and before installing FreeBloxGUI RPM , issue the following command to make a backup of network

cp /etc/sysconfig/networkscripts/ifcfg-eth* /root

Now install the FreerBlox GUI RPM

If you have lost network connections as I did after installing the FreeBlox GUI RPM as happened to me on multiple installs then issue the following command to restore your previously saved files:

cp /root/ifcfg-eth* /etc/sysconfig/networkscripts

then reboot with


After reboot you will (hopefully) have network connectivity again just as you configured it when ISO was installed.

Now in the GUI... BE WARNED where you need to "refresh" the network connections is on the MAIN PAGE when you log in, do not go to networks in upper left. The refresh button is located MAIN PAGE under the word Dashboard in a box that says Networks there is the correct button to refresh the networks! IT IS NOT THE "NETWORKS" LINK AT UPPER LEFT OF SCREEN, and it is not the refresh icon at upper right of screen.

Once your network connections show up you can continue on with configuration of network connections under "networks" link at upper left corner of screen.

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