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Posts: 232

Posts: 232

*Fixed: Trunk outbound CDR destination channel
*Fixed: Trunk sip domain
*Fixed: geoip init prob with port forward
*Fixed: username length to 64
*Fixed: SIP Header page, extended the column size
*Fixed: sip header issue
*Fixed: init agent dontblock ips
*Fixed: signature trigger issue
*Fixed: Firewall Issue
*Fixed: Firewall issues/troubleshooting
*Fixed: port forwarding, geoip filter
*Fixed: ToS
*Fixed: TLS root ceritificate validity
*Fixed: CDR sorting issues
*Fixed: Crash Issue
*Fixed: Issue related to Port forwarding
*Fixed: Firmware upload timing is increased
*Fixed: Fatal error in the GUI
*Fixed: Issue related to GEO IP Filter
*Fixed: Issue related Freeblox installation breakdown
*Fixed: Issue related session start of progress bar page(wait.php)
*Fixed: Scroll bar is not displaying properly in CDR report
*Fixed: Text box size increased in Network settings
*Fixed: Validation and allignment changes in Sip Profile, Network settings, Server certificates and Romaing user profile.
*Fixed: Length of sip profile and Roaming users names affects backend config.
*Fixed: Missing records in CDR Reports
*Fixed: Call Records are more when copmpared with GUI and Download files.
*Fixed: Download Button is not highlighted when packet capture is stoped.
*Fixed: SIP profile LAN/WAN IP was not displaying
*Fixed: POP-UP message of reboot after back and restore
*Fixed: RTP engine was not starting after enable/disable the whitelist/blacklist IP address.
*Fixed: Time zone issue
*Fixed: Delete empty mac records in INTERFACE_LIST while click on refresh button
*Fixed: In Trunk settings character limitation issue.
*Fixed: RTP engine rules are getting disappered when in Geo IP Filter if we remove a country (block a country from the list)
*Fixed: Mysql Warning message is displaying in GUI Dashboard
*Fixed: Mulitple login session has made unique.
*Fixed: Warning msgs in Dashboard(need to disable SE linux)
*Status of signalling, Media and Database status in Dashboard
*dialog update for mangled from/to uri on trunk
*Enabled default to progate the username in contact header
*Added Trunk config to pass CID as it is
*remove blox-opensips-debug if installed
*GUI - Validation for IP address [ipv4] changed to accept till 255
*whitelist,blacklist, after do rtpengine restart
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Posts: 232

Posts: 232
RELEASE NOTES 1.0.6-24 (Final)

> Fixed NAT issue - oneway voice path
edited by bloxsupport1 on 4/13/2018
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Hecjo gamar
Hecjo gamar
Posts: 1

Hecjo gamar
Hecjo gamar
Posts: 1
Hello everyone

I'm doing a vulnerability analysis of this tool (freeblox 1.0.6), is there a report of known vulnerabilities for this version ?, thanks for the help
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Posts: 232

Posts: 232
Thanks for your interest, FYI following are the major vulnerability testing conducted on Blox and its found to be stable
* DOS Attack
* Sipvicious attacks
* Sip Anomaly Attack
* Sip Protocol Compliance
* Registration Hijack Attack
* Registration Eraser
* Registration Adder
* Buffer Overflow Attack
* Ghost Call Attempt
* TCP Flood

Kindly let us know how you are planned to do vulnerability analysis on Blox? what did we miss ?
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