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Pretty frustrating.

Go to the downloads page
Get the new user ISO version 1.0.4-8
Get the existing user upgrade 1.0.6-19

Go to allo

and follow the FTP instructions to download the freeblox UI (currently version 1.0.6-19)
From the same FTP site, get the freeblox.tar.old1 -

install Blox from the 1.0.4-8 ISO
use linux command setup to set your IP addresses
use winscp in SCP mode to connect to your new blox and upload the freeblox UI, make sure sure to choose the 1.0.4-8 version

install freeblox using the rpm command given in the instructions rpm -ivh .....

reboot as needed

Make a copy of your ifcfg files

cp /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg* /root

login to the gui, then go to the system page to upgrade the core blox update to 1.0.6, reboot as needed, then install the freeblox update to 1.0.6 , instructions here:


the freeblox 1.0.6 upgrade will delete the ifcfg files.

copy them back from /root
cp /root/ifcfg* /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

service network restart
If you're doing this on a VM, take a lot of snapshots.
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Posts: 1
I had the same frustration earlier. When I installed freeblox UI 1.0.6-19, ifcfg scripts were gone.

However, in my case, I can't download anymore.

What I did was:
- Re-installed Blox 1.0.4-8 ISO from the start
- Configured IP addresses
- Then backed up my ifcfg files
- Installed freeblox UI 1.0.6-19
- Restored ifcfg files
- Reboot
- Upgrade Blox core to 1.0.6-19 using Freeblox UI
- Reboot

Hope this saves frustration on others as well smile
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